Bull LiberTP – transaction processing for Java EE

Is your legacy Unix-based TP platform restricting you?
As experts and licenses become expensive, adopting modern technologies such as Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) may require complex plug-in modules. Instead, what if you could develop new features directly in a future-ready Java EE application platform, while keeping the benefit of your multi-year investment?

Bull LiberTP is an industry-strength transaction processing platform running on Red Hat Linux and IBM AIX. It is designed to drastically reduce the cost of ownership of TP applications. Based on a Java EE certified technology, it runs your COBOL or C code alongside new modules in Java. Your application is now Cloud-ready.

A painless migration process ensures that your application remains 100% compatible with your current data and business logic. You can easily transfer your COBOL or C transaction processing code to Bull LiberTP. Even critical applications with millions of lines of code are ported in just a few months.